With farming there are so many variables going on at any given moment. The natural world doesn't fit into an Excel sheet. Would the numbers cited before directly translate to my farm. No.

I have different soil, climate, and charcoal than these studies. But this financial excersize illustrates the signifiance of these research findings. Data is never as simple as we'd like to make it, but it can give us direction on what's worth pursing.  

After seeing some of these research numbers, we started asking how we'd track data on production. Forage had our first board meeting in December of 2014. It was on my homestead, one still litered with wood from the clearing eighteen months before. After analyzing some of the potential for what charcoal could do, we started asking how we might start analyzing the costs and efficiency of production. Simon, the Board Chair, begins to draw up our data model. This clip does contain profanity.