Forage and Rainshadow Consulting  have been researching efficient methods of producing charcaol throughout the winter and spring of 2015. After experimenting with the Retort Method, the Top Lit Open Burn, and the Top Lit Up Draft, we've found our most efficent method: the Moxum burn. 

One of our larger containers can produce 2.5 yards of charcoal in a day, with up to three cylindres in use at one time for a total of 7.4 yards. Production effeciency has been illustrated as high as 78% of total wood conversion to charcoal in smaller moxum containers (55 gallon drum), and 75% in larger containers. Even being conservative with these numbers, an acre of forest restoration converts to between 10 and 45 yards of charcoal. 

At market value of $350 per yard for charcoal, an acre of forest restoration is worth between $3,500 and $15,750.

Tax Deduction $ Range Per Acre

If homeowners donates this material to farmers for research, they could receive substantial tax breaks. And farmers could be researching the benefits of charcoal at scale.