They couldn’t decide what to do at first. My friend was too far wedged into the tree to cut him out, but they were afraid that if they pulled with the tow-truck it would increase the internal bleeding. But they had to hurry.

He says he remembers a woman getting in the back, which was untouched, and strapping his head to the headrest. She couldn’t reach around his chest, so when they began pulling the car out of the tree she had to hold his shoulders to keep him from moving. He said he talked with the tow-truck driver later, who wondered all the while if the tree would come crashing down on them as the car separated.




He had broken the steering wheel with his chest. The car was shaped around him. A man used a blade the size of a table to cut through the metal while not cutting into my friend.

By the time they got him out a helicopter was there. “How much is that going to cost me?” he said. “We don’t know,” they replied. “But you’re going.”

“But I don’t have any insurance or any money.”

“You’re going.”




The nurse walked in and looked at his charts. “The CAT scan showed no internal bleeding,” she said. 

“Good,” he said.

“What insurance do you have?”

“I don’t have insurance.”


He was released onto the streets two hours later.