Restore Char is a project of Forage that seeks to transition burn piles to charcoal production in Washington State and beyond. Washington holds 2.7 million acres of forested land in need of fuel reduction treatment. Converting this material into biochar offers the potential to transition a problem into a solution, storing carbon and increasing our forest and agricultural soil health for generations. Forage is currently working with a series of non-profit, universities, and governmental agencies to research regional production and soil influence in the state. If you would like to learn more or become involved, please contact us.

A video about the benefits of biochar

When we made the video, we didn’t yet know the importance and impact of returning biochar to the forest floor and increasing tree resilency in a changing climate. Globally forests absorb 2.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year, about a third of the carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuels. When they burn an asset becomes a problem, with all the carbon offgassing. In 2018 the California wild fires emitted 68 million tons of carbon dioxide, equal to the annual emissions produced by generating enough electricity to power the entire state for a year.

Supporting the health and fire reslience of our forests will be central in how we impact the global carbon crisis.