Kai Hoffman-Krull– Executive Director

He holds a Master of Arts in Literature from Yale University, were he served as a manager for the Yale Farm. Kai has coordinated on-farm and forestry field research trials on biochar since 2015 in coordination with a team of non-profits, the University of Washington, Washington State University, and University of Montana.

Kai writes on farming and forest ecology, publishing in Growing for Market, the PCC Sound Consumer, the Rodale Instiute, Civil Eats, Biogeochemistry, Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment, Stone Pier Press, and New Society Publishing. Kai’s office is a large garden on his homestead on Waldron Island, a 4.5 square mile non-ferry served island in the San Juans of Washington State.

David Yake – Board Member

David is the Director of Sales and Education at Tony’s Coffee, where he is blessed to work with creative small business owners throughout the West Coast. David also participates in green coffee sourcing, visiting coffee farmers in Central and South America. He keeps the team over-caffienated and has broken two of Kai's chainsaws.

Simon Windell – Board Member

Simon is currently responsible for sourcing strategy and deal construction for a large portion of the hardware and software that Accenture Consulting uses and implements. Simon holds a diverse background ranging from collegiate fluid dynamics research, commercial photography, software development, and wilderness horse-packing. He is equally passionate about understanding, communicating and influencing the role that technology plays in our lives as he is about ditching screens and getting into the woods.